Mind as Anchor

The really unique part of the Pender Island Flute Retreat is the time given to nurturing a healthy mind and spirit. It seems to me that in the cut throat music industry this element of life and musicianship needs to be the most important foundation from which students can grow. And yet it is often neglected entirely.
This week has been a comprehensive exploration of healthy thinking patterns and habits. Some themes have stuck out in particular, either because they came up repeatedly, or because they are so important.
Firstly, we have a choice. No matter the circumstance, I get to choose how I will act and react. I do not need to be a victim of what happens around me.
We all can access creativity. A part of this is knowing what I want, what my dream is. 
Being firm in our identity is important. If I am comfortable with who I am, it allows me to make healthy choices, and also to engage with and help others around me.
Resilience. This is so important – it can be grown through the above ideas, through mindfulness, through caring for yourself (as well as a compassionate outlook), through positive attitudes and a willingness to honestly examine our emotions, thoughts and how our body feels. 
I feel like the last point is particularly essential to take away from PIFR. It is easy to carry on these practices in a supportive environment that has been created by others – it is much harder to take a confident resilience with me no matter what situation I find myself in. Yet what a tool of empowerment that will be!